We’re Moving to Mexico!


We’re moving to Mexico for 6 months starting in October. We’re going to Puerto Vallarta and scouting for either a house or an apartment around the area.

Yes, I’ve Never Been to Europe


It’s hard to believe but yes, I’ve never been to Europe. But finally that’s going to change! Today I’m flying to Spain and exploring Italy and France.

Things I’ll Miss About China

I flew to Xi’an, China in August 2010 to teach English part-time at Siyuan University for about 10 months. I had been to China before for one month but it was just for travel. I’m now at the end of my stay in China and about to continue my journey elsewhere. I’m going to really miss China.

Looking Back Series: Preparation 2

The apartment is as empty as it was when we moved in. Threw away basically all my junk and now settling for a lot less. Originally we were going to move out by February 1st and I was to move to a one bedroom for $600 which includes two months rent and utilities. Thankfully I didn’t hand them a deposit for February 1st because the current apartment needs to be leased out first before I am able to move since I’m breaking the lease. The new tenants will be moving in March 1st instead of February 1st. This gives me extra time to decide where I’ll be living for before I leave. I’m moving out to save money.

Looking Back Series: Preparation 1

For the most part, everything is moving along smoothly. Preparation has been difficult but my dedication has proven I can do anything. I’ve decided I wanted to stay in warm climates year round so depending on the month I’m leaving, I’ll be going to a warm climate somewhere on the other side of the world and traveling as the weather changes. Some of the benefits are: won’t get sick as much, less clothing to carry, beaches (of course), more activities, etc. I like warm climates better.

Looking Back Series: Introduction Part 2

This is part 2 of from the Introduction article for the Looking Back Series. The entry here is a continuation from the same article that was posted from October 14th, 2008. I decided it was best if I broke it down because of its length and to keep it interesting. The Looking Back Series are articles that were posted on my personal blog that never made it out to the public. This is how it all started.