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Road Trip in Mexico

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We’ve partnered up with to take on an awesome road trip through Mexico. We leave Friday, March 28th and picking up our vehicle in Puerto Vallarta then driving up to the small town of Tequila for two nights then continuing our trip to Guadalajara for another 3 nights or more. We have a pretty open schedule and just making stops along the way to whatever looks interesting during our drive.

The following weekend we have some smaller trips planned around Sayulita.

We’re really excited about this trip because since we’ve arrived to Mexico in nearly 6 months ago, we’ve only seen between Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta which is not much at all. We’ve been wanting to leave the area for awhile now but haven’t because of work and just laziness. This car rental was a great excuse to seeing other parts of Mexico. With only a month left in Mexico, we’re glad to be seeing more of the country.

Follow our journey by following us on Twitter at @artofadventurin and @20stravel. Posts with pictures will be posted in the next coming weeks as well.

6 thoughts on “Road Trip in Mexico

  1. Excited to see all the Tequila!!

  2. You’ve got to check this out. In any of the major places of Mexico, there usually is a weekend of bullfights. You can’t miss this. The pageantry and local color is simply stunning!

    1. Ohh! We have a few bullrings by us and unfortunately haven’t had to chance to check them out yet.

  3. If you want to enjoy more of the place, take a road trip! It’s truly fun!

  4. Tieso, Recently I have enjoyed AU tour.. I will enjoy Mexico next time..

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