Experiencing Music Around The World

A lot of my decisions revolve around music. One of my must-do’s while traveling is to take in as much of the local music as possible. In fact, several times I’ve changed my entire travel plans just to hear a band or go to a venue to hear a DJ play. I can hardly write this article without having music in the background. I’m obsessed.

High Off Drums in Buenos Aires with La Bomba De Tiempo

I love attending music events in different parts of the world. Buenos Aires was no different for me and once I discovered La Bomba De Tiempo, I started to attend this event nearly every┬áMonday. The tribal rhythm is an addictive sound that somehow controls you to move automatically. The conductor may even control you and tell you when to clap, jump, or sing. There’s nothing like it anywhere else and it takes place every Monday in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Musical Instruments That Every Backpacker Should Pick Up

Music brings people together. It’s shaped history, created culture, and even defines the culture. What better way to immerse yourself in the culture then joining it’s music. Jamming away in the streets with other locals and having not a clue what their saying because they speak another language yet you can understand the language of the music so you just continue to jam with them.