Not Missing an Opportunity of a Lifetime

eagle rays

Last time I tried to dive, I puked. It was in Fiji and the water currents were extremely rough and I was on my way to go diving with sharks. I felt too ill to go diving and I had missed on an opportunity of a lifetime. The opportunity to dive with sharks rose again when I was invited to go shark diving in the Galapagos with Contiki and CĂ©line Cousteau. This time I was going to go to the Galapagos prepared for diving.

Exploring Galapagos with Contiki

I had the amazing opportunity to tour Galapagos with Contiki. We dove with sharks, explored the islands, ate incredibly delicious meals, and learned about the animals and history of the Galapagos.

Visiting the Middle of the Earth in Ecuador

Directly in the middle of the ecuador, water goes straight down when poured into a bowl with a hole at the bottom. Step a few away and the water starts to spin clockwise or counterclockwise depending which side you’re on. Go on the opposite side of the ecuador and it spins in the other direction. The GSP tells us all zero’s. This is the exact middle of the earth.