The VIP Colosseum Tour in Rome

Rome, Italy

This is part of the Colosseum you can’t get access to normally. This was a very unique tour and I got to see a view of the Colosseum that not many see from.

Making Pizza in Rome

Making Pizza in Rome

Made a super delicious pizza in Rome, Italy. How often do you read stories of someone cooking pizza while visiting Italy? Short history lesson on pizza too.

Could I Live in Rome?

home cooked meal

It was my second time in Italy but this time I’m traveling to see where I would like to live in Italy once I obtain my Italian citizenship.

Why I Want To Be an Italian Citizen

rome italy

I first learned about being able to become an Italian citizen a couple a years ago before I started thinking about traveling around the world. I figured the process was quick and never really looked into it much more than knowing that I become a citizen. I had a full-time job and didn’t think having to go through the process of Italian citizenship was worth the time. Once I started traveling and owning my own business online, I realized how useful it would be to be an Italian citizen. Here’s why:

The Tuscan Food Experience

Cut up and made tagliatelle.

One of my favorite days while we were in Italy last fall was when we were recommended by Walks of Italy to take their farmhouse experience in Tuscany.