Mao’s Immortal Blemishes

China Tiananmen Square

It was a world away from our families in South Carolina. I could not help but slow down and reflect on all of the events that happened in this place. Chinese history. World history.

Why it’s impossible for you not to like chinese food

I hear it all the time in Argentina by the locals, “isn’t chinese food bugs and fish?” Do they really think 1.4 billion people are eating bugs? With thousands of years of history, that bugs are the only thing they can think of? Did they forget who brought the pasta to Italy that they are so much a fan of?

Exploring Cities that Were Once Contained with Walls

Antonine Wall

Whether it’s fear of the other side, wanting people to stay put, or wanting to control the entire area, walls were built all over the world throughout history. China, Germany, England, Scotland, and Argentina are all homes to an area that at one point was separated and divided by a wall.

Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market

Have you ever woken up in the dead of night wondering why the world is running out of fish? Well, if you have, you’ve never experienced the Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.