Teaching English at Siyuan University in Xi’an, China Review and Guide

This is to make future teachers searching on Google or anywhere else aware of what to expect from Siyuan University(西安思源学院). Some of what I tell you might even hold true for other Universities but not all. Some of what I say could be my personal views, cultural differences of how I feel compared to what is expected in the US, and other things. Your experience could be different from mine but I still think some of what I say still holds true. I apologize to the regular readers as they might not interest you unless you’re going to teach at this school or want to learn a little bit about Chinese education.Here’s a combination of my review and guide for future teachers coming to Siyuan University in Xi’an, China (西安思源学院). Sorry for the long article but there’s a lot to say after a year here. 西安思源学院审查

Things I’ll Miss About China

I flew to Xi’an, China in August 2010 to teach English part-time at Siyuan University for about 10 months. I had been to China before for one month but it was just for travel. I’m now at the end of my stay in China and about to continue my journey elsewhere. I’m going to really miss China.

More on being a big deal

As I was walking back to my apartment, I noticed a Chinese girl staring at me with her mouth wide open. China does provide for some really high ego and admittedly she was attractive. So I waved. She continued to stare at me and walk but then she walked directly into a tree. Forehead straight onto the tree with both arms between the tree. She fell straight to the ground but got up quickly to keep walking. She was embarrassed and didn’t want to look at me again. I felt bad but it was really hilarious.

Horticultural World Expo in China (Weird, Fun, and Chinese)

For a city that burns trash on the streets, the last thing I’d expect is the promotion of it being a environmentally friendly city. Xi’an is the host for the 2011 Horticultural World Expo. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t be surprised unless you’re in China. It’s advertised everywhere in China but no one else has heard of it outside of China. Surprisingly, there’s nearly two dozen nations contributing to the expo. Pakistan, North Korea, Bolivia, India, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and more.

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Is Awesome

Chinese chess is as embedded in Chinese culture than rice itself. The earliest findings of the game dates back third century BC. It spreads throughout most of Asia from Singapore, Vietnam, to South Korea. Its long history and gameplay makes this game addictive and fun.

The Foods of Xi’an Muslim Quarter

The Muslim Quarter is one of the most popular attractions in Xi’an. At sundown, this area really shows its colors with streets packed with food and random products. The area has an incredibly strong scent mixed from all the surrounding kitchens and street food vendors all so close to each other.

Most of these snacks and dishes date back hundreds of years and each with their own story. There doesn’t seem to exist a full list of what everything is in the Muslim Quarter and so I went on to investigate. Below is everything that the Muslim Quarter is popular for and what can be found there. Since this also happens to be one of my favorite spots in all of Xi’an, I’ll be keeping this list updated with more of my discoveries.