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Could I Live in Rome?

home cooked meal

It was my second time in Italy but this time I’m traveling to see where I would like to live in Italy once I obtain my Italian citizenship. Ideally, it would be great if we could find a city we could stay up to a year in. The only way to really find the city we like is to live like a local and travel slow. Our first stop was Rome and we had a one week sweet looking apartment.

rome apartment

Our apartment was in the historical district of Monti. The cobblestone streets were narrow and cars rarely drove by. It was the perfect location for several reasons. Right outside on the corner of our apartment was a cafe and gelato shop. This was literally the first place we went to once we checked into our apartment. A 30 second walk from the cafe was a metro station. Past that, it only took fifteen minutes to walk to the colosseum!

Bought some gelato from right outside my door and brought it back up to the apartment.

While in Rome, we took a few tours of the city and walked around a lot. Rome itself is beautiful. The entire city is a museum. I couldn’t help but look into all the details of every building, structure, and monument. To me it’s more livable than Florence. Even with all the tourist attractions, you can experience the local culture easily.

While we did most of our sightseeing during the day, at night we usually stayed in our apartment. We were always too exhausted to go anywhere else. So we cooked our own meals in our well equipped apartment. I LOVE Italian food but we can’t go out to restaurants for every single meal. It’s not realistic and I’d go broke way too fast. It’s also not what the locals do. Luckily in Italy eating like a local also means shopping in the local markets to cook yourself. All throughout Rome there are small markets even in the city center. We bought a couple items to bring back to our apartment and cooked quite a few delicious and very inexpensive meals.

italy breakfast
I can get use to eating this every day.

The week we had in Rome thanks to our apartment with Go With Oh was great because it gave us the chance to see what it was like to live like a local in Rome. Our daily routine was like this. Woke up, checked email, went downstairs to our regular cafe for an espresso, walked around the city for awhile and had lunch, bought food to bring back to our apartment for the night, worked on our laptops, cooked a meal, then cuddled in our cozy apartment. Not a bad routine.

Would I live in Rome for a year? I don’t think so. It was great for the one week and I’d like to stay up to a month but I don’t think I’d like to be there for a year, at least not yet. The city was big and not calling me the same way as other cities have in Italy. There’s so much to see and do in Rome, I think you need a minimum of at least one week to see many of the tourist attractions and experience Rome.

8 thoughts on “Could I Live in Rome?

  1. with that gelato no problem living in Rome forever

    1. haha so true

  2. you should check out Napoli, but stay there for a while to really “get” the city. It’s another world, people function differently in the South, esp. in Napoli. I’m originally from there but born and raised abroad, go back often though and am still not a local. I think it is the most absurd and interesting and beautiful city in Italy (next to Genova maybe. maybe.)

    1. I definitely need to go to the south. Never been and everyone tells me it’s totally different from the north and very beautiful.

  3. Great article! thanks for the awesome tip on “go with oh” can’t wait to book a getaway with my husband in the fall (senza bambini 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading!

  4. Nice article. However, I’m afraid that the vast majority of us Romans don’t live in quaint Renaissance houses in the city centre… this is a big misconception. Most of the historical centre may a museum, true – but the rest of the city sure isn’t. And that “rest of the city” beyond the walls is where we ordinary folks live.

    Personally, I think that Monti is one of the least local districts in the city – I mean, it’s just a stone throw from the Colosseum and is now overrun with tourists. Next time, I’d suggest you to try other, truly Roman, neighbourhoods such as Monteverde, Nomentano or Testaccio – go there, and only then you’ll live like a real Roman!

    – Claudio

    1. Thanks for the tips Claudio!

      The same could probably be said for many cities in the center.

      Our building seemed like it was mostly all locals that had lived there for years. They had decorations up near their door and we caught a few of them going up the stairs. But you’re probably right that the area is full of tourists living nearby.

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