Please read the following pages before contacting me!

  • Do not contact me for link exchanges or guest posting.
  • Do not send me any press releases (it does not fit in with the style of this blog).
  • Do not send me information about your app, website, or contest.

This may sound a bit odd but I’ve decided to remove my email from this page. Regardless of the bullet points highlighted above, I still got those emails. Those emails accounted for 95% of the emails I receive total every day. It was eating away at my productivity. 5% of those emails were legitimate emails asking for advice on travel, partnerships, and sometimes a nice thank you message. I like those emails.

If I continue down this path, it will kill my productivity to produce content. I don’t want to cut away contact from my wonderful readers either though. That’s why I created this Q&A page to help answer your questions about travel. You are also free to comment on articles.

If you’d like to reach out to me, send me a message on Twitter @artofadventurin. That’s far easier to manage for me and quicker to respond to. Feel free to ask me to follow you if you’d like to send me a DM.

If you are PR or media and interested in working with me, you can get my email as a member of PTBA.

Thank you for understanding.

– Michael

Recently there had been a major issue with the site where many links had gone broken. If your link from a post or from a creative commons picture does not work or no longer exists, please tweet at me right away.