Improved Lady Packing with Travelon

I’ve tried a lot of different packing systems from cubes to compression sacks to rubber bands, and I tend to use a mix of different styles. Recently, the company TravelOn sent us a big box of travel related goodies.

How to Beat a Bad Travel Day

Bad days are a fact of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at the office with an a-hole boss or stuck on a beach in Thailand during a monsoon, a crappy day is a crappy day no matter how exotic your zip code.

Escape From London: The Best Urban Oases

It’s an unavoidable truth that on a bright sunny day, the pavement and industry of even the greatest city can be unbearable. That’s why when a warm breeze is in the air and the clouds disappear from the sky, it’s time to escape the urban grit and head for where it’s green.

Canary Wharf: London’s Newest Attraction

London has been a major draw for tourists in Europe for just about ever, and with good reason: around every corner you will find history and culture. Most people will check out Soho, Westminster with it’s Abbey and parliament and literary Bloomsbury. They’ll probably stay in posh west end hotels or small inns in central London, soaking up the historical feel. There’s another side to London though, a fast growing and quick moving modern side that merits exploration too.