Why do Travelers Eat in Tourist Restaurants?

Typical noodle dish in Indonesia

Quite frankly, I don’t understand why anybody eats in tourist restaurants. Those places are way over-priced, charging two to four times the real prices for local dishes. The food is invariably a westernized version of the real thing, and not nearly as delicious. The settings are ho-hum and blasé. And they’re filled with other westerners. Is that really where you want to be when you visit a new country? Really?

5 Authentic Indonesian Foods You Wont Find in Bali’s Tourist Restaurants

typical Balinese food - nasi campur

To dig into Indonesia’s authentic and best cuisines, you’ll have to venture out to local eateries (called ‘warung’ or ‘rumah makan’), night markets and street stalls. At those places Indonesian food tastes much better than at tourist restaurants and costs a fraction of the price. Anyhow, isn’t that part of the fun of traveling to new countries?