Women’s World Cup 2015 Final in Vancouver

Last year I bought several tickets to the Women’s World Cup including the final match in Vancouver without knowing who was going to make to play which match and who was going to make it to the end. I took a chance that the USA would make it to the final and have any of their matches in Vancouver.

How To Visit The Hidden Marieta Islands

Marieta Islands are a small group of islands off the coast of Nayarit. Originally formed by volcanic activity, a set of bomb testing in the early 1900’s created beautiful caves and rock formations that we see today.

Sport Fishing in Florida

When we approached the Free Spool Too, Captain Dennis Forgione had a huge grin in a face weathered by sea and sun. “Sorry for the delay,” he said. “We gotta save this fucking boat from sinking. When I got here … Read the rest

Partying in South America VS SE Asia

Full Moon Party Buckets

Partying is fun and great while traveling but what we often miss are the cultural differences in where we are partying and how we are partying. Has tourists partying in the country affected the culture? Is it hurting the economy or helping it?